Book Review: The Punch Escrow, by Tal M. Klein

Overall Impressions

I had meant to read this book for a few years, and even once I started it, it got interrupted a few times because of things in my life, or even library books that I had on hold becoming available and so I'd put this down for a bit, but I managed to finish it off.

It was really pretty OK! Good science fiction and a neat twist on teleportation that I hadn't really considered before (but I bet plenty of people had!).

The Good

It's not a complicated read and the science part of science fiction doesn't get too deep while still being there. Not a ton of characters to keep track of.

The Bad

The plot may have been just a bit too simple, as it was really based around a single concept with a simple story wrapped around it - but eh, it was fine.

Final Thoughts

3.5 / 5 stars. Not the most exciting book or anything, but it was alright and probably better than average. Solid.