Book Review: On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, by Timothy Snyder

Overall Impressions

I learned of this book from one of the MSNBC evening political shows - maybe All In with Chris Hayes? Anyways, I decided that it sounded very topical considering what we had all just lived through for the past 4 years with Donald Trump as the president, and so I added myself to the wait list for it from the local library. I was surprised with how long the wait list was... I think I was like 20 people deep in the queue and it had only been out for a few days and the library owned many e=copies of it.

It walks the reader through 20 examples of past mistakes or signs to watch out for complete with information about how it can get started, disguised as something else, what the consequences are of ignoring it, and ultimately how to combat it. And yeah, it's unfortunate but we either have already failed lots of them, or they are actively being assaulted right now.

The Good

It's quick and to the point. I read it in a few hours and could have read it faster but it was very thought provoking throughout.

It was good to read it all spelled out so plainly - though I fear that those that really need to get it likely will never be exposed to it - or have already drank too much of the cool-aid to be saved.

The Bad

It paints a dire picture of what could happen. Again, I fear that those that need to read this probably won't, and wouldn't get it if they did. We are already quite a ways down a dark path, and while our institutions have not totally failed us yet, they are under assault.

Final Thoughts

4 / 5. I'm at the phase of adulthood where I get riled up about politics and this got me going.