Book Review: Interface, by Neal Stephenson and J. Frederick George

Overall Impressions

I'll admit that I read this almost solely because Neal Stephenson's name was on the cover, and I sorta wonder how much of it he wrote, but it was still pretty good.

This book deals with an election where one of the candidates is not what he seems and goes for a wild ride with what could happen. Considering we are a few months after the election and inauguration of Joe Biden replacing Donald Trump, which involved some shenanigans of its own, this sorta hit home in its own way.

The Good

Definitely science fiction at least for now, but the implications of a candidate for public office that understands and can react to the emotions of voters in almost real time is terrifying. After seeing how much of the country is blindly enthralled by Donald Trump, I hope that what happens in this book stays impossible forever.

The Bad

It actually wound up way too fast. This book could have had another 100 pages and drug things out a bit more and it would have been fine. It ended too abruptly for my liking.

Final Thoughts

4 / 5 stars - really quite good!