Book Review: Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir

Overall Impressions

I had heard that this was another The Martian and it's true. But The Martian was fantastic, so why not try again? This book is a combination of a story, an aerospace science textbook, a materials engineering textbook, and a trivia quizbook all rolled into one. It works!

It's not a long read, but even considering its actual length, I plowed through it in no time flat.

The Good

Andy Weir does a great job of tossing in little nuggets of reasoning for everything that happens in this book, and does it from the first person perspective of the main character. I never found myself saying "why?" or "that makes no sense..." or anything like that. I also never found myself saying "get on with it" or "seriously, I do not care". It just flowed.

The Bad

Man, there's a certain character that almost dies at one part and it about made me cry. I did not want to cry while reading this book.

Final Thoughts

Very enjoyable read! 5 / 5 stars! Well done!